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References from clients and partners of Nov sait Ltd.

Reference from BEMF

The Bulgarian Energy & Mining Forum has trusted completely the creation and support of it’s online platforms to Nov sait Ltd. The build up mutual cooperation based on competent valuation, agile work and professional advises, has created a long time trust and brought up good results in our work.

The BEMF website is distinguished with a complex structure and variety of well organized information, created from the Nov site’s Ltd., specialists. We turn ourselves to them searching a professional advice or recommendation, related to the optimization, support and innovations.

The Nov sait’s Ltd., team reacts patiently when a case emerges and is there to face and resolve a problem. They make our work easier with their know-how and the feel for the detail. The team understands the specification and the individuality of the client and strives to work for it’s maximal favor. We are satisfied, that we find understanding, professional behavior, and we trust them completely in our mutual work. We have no doubts when we recommend them to colleagues.

Nov sait Ltd., is a proved and trusted longterm partner of the Bulgarian Energy & Mining Forum.

Reference from SmartCast

Our long term professional relationship allows me to give this reference and highly rate the services of the Nov site’s team. Accuracy, preciseness, speed in fulfillment of the acquired tasks, finding of solutions for the emerged cases, responsibility and loyalty can describe that, what has to be awaited from I am grateful for the good mutual work on a few of our projects, from which one is the platform.

Jordan Yosifof
CEO & Casting Director

Reference from Wasteels Bulgaria

We are working with Nov sait Ltd., more than ten years. Our activities require instant changes and the company’s team always respond to our professional needs. Working with Nov sait Ltd., we face a serious and correct partner

Center for children with hearing problems Yanika

We work with pleasure since a decade. Always online, you react very fast and you are capable of fulfill any of our desires, even a caprice, related to our Website.

Thank you!

Reference form NARMS

Extreme correctness and achievement of results, which is a rarity nowadays and valuable in this area. In Nov sait Ltd., the client is of priority - each decision and action is put on the table and discussed using an understandable language. The terms are kept without any exclusion, the prices are reasonable and match the high quality, which the customer receives.

We recommend them for each business, no matter the sphere or the scale!

Reference form KICRNM

The Culture-Information Center of Republic of North Macedonia in Sofia has a long term professional relationship with Nov sait Ltd.