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Types of websites

Corporate websites

Corporate websites are target to present a company. They could be very complex if a production has to be shown, products etc.

In most of the cases they consist of 5-10 pages. It is advisable to translate the latter at least on English in order to attract customers from abroad.

Hybrid corporate sites are to be found, which along with the company information and its activities could have a section for an e-shop, provide user and client access. Those tend to be complex and expensive solutions.

We always mean that the client must create a website which matches his requirements on a minimal level with the possibility to upgrade the latter.


E-shops are targeted to provide information about products created or sold by the customer.

In most of the cases they have a complicated structure and the products could be categorized and for each one added photos, text etc.

The search plays an important role. In well organized website products can be searched based on category, name, brand etc.

Particularity is the way of payment. It could be cash on delivery (COD), via bank transfer or paying via debit/credit card.

Sites for artists

Sites of bands or artists have their own requirements. In most of the cases they look slick and stylish. They have multimedia functionality like adding photos, audio-files and videos. The way the information is organized and presented is of importance.

Sites with a special functionality

This might be sites for institutions like hospitals, companies which organise conferences, sites with user access and subscription.

One page sites

Such a sites are to be created when the information is not too much and could be shown on a single page.

The danger here is to make the page loading slow when having too much photos or videos.

It is recommended for products, promotions or in certain cases.